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Ken's Fresh Fish

Ken's Fresh Fish

The world-famous waters of Oahu aren’t just good for incredible views and amazing surfing. Turns out they’re filled with delicious seafood. The tricky part is catching it. Good thing there’s Ken’s Fresh Fish. They offer their freshest daily catches from the local waters and serve them up straight to you, no middle man needed. They catch it and cook it. You eat it. The end.

The extremely popular business got its start from the humble beginning of wholesale buyers simply wanting to sample the catch of the day. But they were soon joined by other appreciators of fine seafood, and a booming restaurant business was born.

People drive all the way from town just to get Ken’s famous Ahi Katsu fish “plate lunch,” topped with special sauces and served up with rice and salad. The menu also includes poke bowls and other popular local fare.

Says Ken himself, “People love our seafood because it’s fresh – why eat fish from somewhere else when you can eat fish just caught, right here in our own bays locally? You can taste the difference.” We just say, “Yum!”


Fri-Sat, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.


55-730 Kamehameha Hwy
La'ie, HI 96762


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