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A story for everyone

Story arrow We may be home to the famous Polynesian Cultural Center, but find out why we are so much more. From the beaches to the mountains, there's something for everyone. If you're looking for family fun, thrilling adventure or a quiet place to get away from it all, visit our historic city of refuge and discover some stories of your own.

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Watch the Adventure Unfold

Get a taste of what makes La'ie such a legendary place to explore

There's plenty more to see, and even more to do. More stories arrow

Stories Await

You know, when people think "Hawaii," a lot of what they think about is right here in La'ie. Find out what makes our little town so essential to the Hawaii story.

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Eat with us

If you want a taste of Oahu, make it count with these local stand-outs.

Your stomach will thank you

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